7mm Replacement Motor Set
7mm Replacement Motor Set

7mm Replacement Motor Set

$ 23.00

As frustrating as it is, these small motors have a lifespan. With enough time behind the controls, you'll eventually have a set of motors burn out on you. These motors are a direct replacement for the standard motors that come with the PaperQuad Starter Kit.

If one of your motors has burned out, it's possible that the others will begin to fail soon too. This set of motors will ensure that you have a replacement ready for when that happens!

We've spent the time testing different motors to find the best combination of power, speed, reliability, and lifespan. What we found are the Micro Motor Warehouse CL-0720-12s.

Replacement motor set includes:

  • 2x CW Motors (Red/Blue) with micro-JST connectors
  • 2x CCW Motors (Black/White) with micro-JST connectors

Dimensions: 7mm x 20mm